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Upcoming Seminars

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CityTopicDateStart TimeEnd Time 
PretoriaHow to find value in our market2015/09/0118:0021:00Book
BloemfonteinHow to choose your first shares2015/10/0618:0021:00Book
Cape TownTrading for a living2015/10/2718:0021:00Book
JohannesburgPlanning for retirement - PSG Wealth investment products2015/11/0318:0021:00Book
PretoriaDeveloping a trading plan2015/12/0118:0021:00Book
Cape TownTrading derivatives2016/02/1618:0021:00Book


TopicDateStart TimeEnd Time 
The 10 best traders in the world today2015/09/0213:0013:30Book
How a 5-year endowment fits into your investment plans2015/09/0913:0013:30Book
10 Greatest stock market crashes2015/09/1613:0013:30Book
Introduction to Voluntary Investment Plans (VIP)2015/09/2313:0013:30Book
Analysing chart patterns2015/09/3013:0013:30Book
Getting started with Wen Professional Plus charting software2015/10/0713:0013:30Book
Momentum investing: Chasing the hot stocks2015/10/1413:0013:30Book
Investing offshore: Our top 10 stocks2015/10/2113:0013:30Book
Understanding candlestick charts2015/10/2813:0013:30Book