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CityTopicDateStart TimeEnd Time 
BloemfonteinUsing trading indicators effectively2016/05/2418:0021:00Book
DurbanUsing trading indicators effectively2016/05/2518:0021:00Book
JohannesburgUsing trading indicators effectively2016/05/2618:0021:00Book


TopicDateStart TimeEnd Time 
5 things to look for when using candlestick charts2016/05/0413:0013:30Book
5 Retirement myths that can spoil a happy retirement2016/05/1113:0013:30Book
How your family trust can benefit from investing in endowments2016/05/1813:0013:30Book
Five undervalued stocks worth taking a look at2016/05/2513:0013:30Book
Looking for an income from your retirement savings?2016/06/0113:0013:30Book
How to hedge and speculate on the rand2016/06/0813:0013:30Book
Swing traders speculate on the benchmark index2016/06/1513:0013:30Book
How to hedge your share portfolio with SSF2016/06/2213:0013:30Book