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CityTopicDateStart TimeEnd Time 
BloemfonteinTrading for a living2015/03/0318:0021:00Book
PretoriaWhat are my options for investing offshore?2015/03/1718:0021:00Book
JohannesburgRoadmap to investment success2015/05/0518:0021:00Book


TopicDateStart TimeEnd Time 
Introduction to the new Tax Free Investment Plan.2015/03/0613:0013:30Book
How do I trade CFDs?2015/03/1113:0013:30Book
How do I select shares for capital growth and dividend income?2015/03/1813:0013:30Book
Creating a second income trading SSF2015/04/0813:0013:30Book
Day trading and swing trading index futures2015/04/2213:0013:30Book
Hedging and speculating with currency futures2015/05/0613:0013:30Book
How to use ETPs to complement your portfolio2015/05/2013:0013:30Book
Tax free investment for your children2015/05/2713:0013:30Book
Securing your retirement with unit trusts2015/06/0313:0013:30Book
How to maximise your equity trades with technical analysis2015/06/1713:0013.30Book
How to use the Top 100 shares for leverage2015/07/0113:0013:30Book
Have a great summer holiday by investing offshore2015/07/1513:0013:30Book
How to fine tune your equity investments with fundamental analysis2015/07/2913:0013:30Book